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We  Are  Back with  Socially  Distanced  Brake  Van Tours 

From your  messages  , we  know  your  missing us , so  we  are  bringing socially  distanced  brake van tours  - each family/  household  group  will  get their  own brake  van veranda - 2m from any  other  groups as  we  travel around  the  site  by  brake  van

Each brake van will be cleaned before and  after the tour,

Please  note  all  other  public tours  for 2020  are  cancelled







Due to the present coronavirus outbreak we have suspended  all standard evening brake  van tours  for the  remainder  of  2020 . and all bookings  on thee  tours  have  been cancelled - if  you  would  like  to join us on a socially  distanced  Brake  Van tour  - please  rebook  using our  new  booking details

Please  note  Brigg Tourist  Information is  closed  due  to  the  Corona Virus  Outbreak

If you wish to contact us about any footplate  days, or other tours, please use  contact  details  

E-mail - Telephone  07889 297271